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ARTtheory is all about designing solutions that provide both you and your customers with win-win communications. We accomplish this by:

  1. Working with you to understand your business strategy and helping you develop your marketing communications strategy.
  2. Understanding your customer's needs. We develop personas and use cases for your customers to determine what they want to accomplish and how we can most succesfully help them do so. We incorporate usability testing in order to ensure the effectiveness of our designs.
  3. We sharpen your brand promise and make sure that the communications effectively present your solutions. We incorporate color theory, usability standards, and copy that "sings" to develop breakthrough communications.
  4. When all of these pull together, communications + transactions occur - and happiness breaks out! And, that's the art of the zeal.
Business Strategy Visitor's Goal The key is zeal: passion that makes  communiation happen! Brand design