Prometheus Stealing the Fire, Pandora's Golden Box- Colorful Contemporary Modern Painting by American Abstract Artist Philip Noyed

Prometheus Stealing the Fire, Pandora's Golden Box - 2009

oil on canvas | 24" x 48" | by philip noyed


Prometheus is such a fascinating figure in Greek mythology.  While a god, he is said to have fashioned humans out of clay.  He stole fire from Zues and gave the fire to humans.  Zues sent Pandora to earth with her box of ills in retribution.  While many artists have created works based on Prometheus such as Jacob Jordaens, c. 1640, many concentrated on the image of Prometheus having his liver eaten out by an eagle as Zues' punishment for taking the fire.

My painting is at the point of taking the fire and giving it to humans, Prometheus as light giver to humankind.  Pandora holds her box closed in this painting.  The ills contained in the box form a diametric opposite from the flame that Prometheus holds.  This painting has Zues in the upper left corner and humans are on looking throughout the painting.


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