Jupiter 41 - Mozart's Reverie - Colorful Contemporary Modern Painting by American Abstract Artist Philip Noyed

Jupiter 41 - Mozart's Reverie - 2009

oil on canvas | 48" x 36" | by philip noyed


Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart's completed his Symphony 41, on August 10, 1788. It was his last symphony. Melody so delicate as his finances detoriated and his family became destitute. Somehow, he was able to write an ethereal and light symphony even as he was writing letters to friends asking for money. I am intrigued by his artistic genius to be able to shut out everything and allow inspiration to flow naturally.

Later, Symphony 41 was nicknamed the Jupiter Symphony. This painting has two echoes of Jupiter; one lightly circling Mozart and the other in the distance circled by a yellow energy orb. I wanted to investigate the heaviness of Jupiter versus the lightness of inspiration. Finally, I found that Mozart was a Free Mason and wrote music for the Masons. Masonry is in part about architecture and the craft of building. Obviously, Mozart was a brilliant architect of music. In this painting, I used symbols of Free Masonry like the seeing eye in the triangle and there is a hidden Euclid's triangle proving his 47th proposition.


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