Cathedral of the Ancients

Cathedral of the Ancients
2008  oil on canvas   48" x 36"

Joseph Campbell writes of the thousand faces of the hero on the mythic journey.  From ancient times, humans have built cathedrals to worship and find deeper meanings to their lives.  Ancient texts are read anew and the ideas kept alive in these temples.  In the twenty-first century, physics bring a new understanding of the fundamental elements of the universe. Some bring the understanding of science into a harmonic convergence with the ancient texts.  Some focus on religion and science as diametrically opposed forces.  Hurricanes blow through the buildings and landscapes without regard to human intent or belief. 

In this painting, the Cathedral of the Ancients is an exploration of the heroic journey to the Cathedral only to find it under siege with the fragmenting of particles aloft and alive with the energy streams revolving from source to source.  Each character plays their role: observing the stars, worshipping, dancing, praying with head bent, meditating or holding it all together in the top left corner. The bottom figure may be running in to or out of the cathedral. 

Which direction are you running? Where is your mythic journey taking you?


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