Archetypes and the Architecture of the mind

Archetypes and the Architecture of the Mind
2008  oil on canvas   40" x 30"

As an artist, I am drawn to the exploration of the interplay between culture-based perception and general archetypes and how the mind perceives the visual cues.  This painting has many figures with outstretched arms.  These arms can be seen as Warrior 2 in Yoga, a figure on a crucifix, a dancer and a firm awakening.  Some arms are severed while the figures live vibrantly.  We live in a time of war and many civilians and soldiers alike have faced the trauma of losing limbs.   I include both the Islamic symbol of moon and star and the montage of gothic windows and bridge falling in this collusion of perception. Madonnas or Afghan woman walk uneasily through this landscape.  Doorways lead into the painting and deeper into the psyche. 


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