Dance of the White Light Spectrum

Dance of the White Light Spectrum
2007  oil on canvas   46" x 36"

Over the centuries human understanding of our place in the universe has evolved dramatically. For instance, Copernicus was the first European who developed a the idea that the sun and other planets didn't spin around earth . Instead, the earth and other planets circled the sun (to be fair Greek, Muslim and Indian intellectuals had hypothosized this earlier). This Copernican inversion was both revolutionary and challenged by the church as heretical. Our understanding of the universe and physics has continued to grow. Today, there is this idea that there isn't one unverse, but multiple universes in a kind of cosmic froth. Imagine that! What would Copernicus think? Yet, this idea is hardly known today. Just ask anybody you meet if they know what the mutliverse is. The media spends more time on the passing farces of movie starlets than on understanding our place in the universe.

I began this painting wanting to investigate the idea of multiverse bubbles. I decided to use the flash of white light and the evolving color spectrum in these bubble shapes and make them within a human scale. I call it the "Dance of the White Light Spectrum" because this light dances across the multiverses and the characters act and react to this light and each other.