Heart of the Sunrise - Arpaggio Amplified

Heart of the Sunrise - Arpeggio Amplified
2007   oil on canvas   40" x 30"

"Heart of the Sunrise - Arpeggio Amplified" is an explosion of color and energy on a glorious summer day. The colors are like flashes of sunlight. In music, the arpeggio is a broken chord where the notes are played or sung in succession rather than simultaneously. The word is Italian and means, "in the manner of the harp." I think of my paintings first as compositions in the same manner as a music composer. Chords are elements coming together in both form and structure of the piece. When I paint the composition, I often feel like I am creating chords of colors, finding the balance between the feeling I want to express, the tonality of the colors used and the balance of the colors within the overall composition. Here the Sunrise Arpaggio chords are amplified through the shape dynamics, the gestures of the figures portrayed and the hot colors use.