Self and Muse Freeing the Firebird from the Suite

Self and Muse Freeing the Firebird from the Suite
2007   oil on canvas   48" x 36"

In concerts and piano recitals I am always amazed by how a musician reads music and brings it to life. It seems a musical muse, an extraordinary muse, unlike the daily self who does all the daily things, comes forth to transform notes in measures into music. Sure, a musician is one person, here I show the self and muse.

As I was painting this painting, I started to think of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and how the musical notation Stravinsky wrote "freezes" his musical ideas abstractly for subsequent generations to play and bring to life. The story of the firebird is a folk tale and at the end of the story the firebird is released. In my painting, through the musician's playing, the firebird is released from the musical composition of the suite and emerges from the window in the "reality" of this painting. The painting has on the right side the abstract ideas of the musical composition and the pastel left side shows the liberation moment of the firebird escaping in the pointist brush strokes foating upwards from the piano keys to float skyward like snow in a the swirl of a snowglobe.